Parking at Honolulu Airport

General Parking Rates

0-15 Minutes - Free

16-30 Minutes - $1.00

31-60 Minutes - $3.00

From 1 to 2 hours - $5.00

From 2 to 3 hours - $7.00

From 3 to 4 hours - $9.00

From 4 to 5 hours - $14.00

From 5 to 6 hours - $18.00

Maximum per 24-hours - $18.00

Lost ticket - $18.00

30-day parking limit all lots.


Payment: cash or a major credit card are accepted. No checks accepted.

Contact ABM Parking Services for more information: (808) 861-1260.

All parkings have high-vehicle restrictions.


Economy Lot - Maximum fee - $15.00/day.


Motorcycle Parking

2 hours - $1.00

Maximum per day - $5.00

Monthly - $50.00


Monthly parking

Located on the 4th floor of the Interisland Terminal Parking Garage (limited). $300 per month. To get more information, please, call American Business Maintenance (ABM).


Parking Lots

Lot A - International Parking Garage

Located on the Ground Level, directly across from the International Arrivals. The building has 1,800 parking spaces and is open 24h/7. Vehicles can park 30 days maximum. There’s a walkway to the Interisland Terminal on the top of the structure that links with International Arrivals or the Overseas Terminal.

The parking lot connects directly to the H-1 Freeway eastbound/westbound and Nimitz Highway.


Lot B - Economy Parking

Located in Lot B. Rate (maximum day): $15.00.

The Commuter Parking lot is located adjacent to the Commuter Terminal. It is open 24h/7.

There is a 30-day parking limit.


Lot D - Overseas Parking Garage

Located directly across from the Overseas Terminal. To enter, go to the second level of the Airport Access Road, directly across from the Administration Tower.

Walkways are available on the 4 level of the parking garage at both ends and in the middle for passenger access to the Main Terminal.

The parking has a total of 1,570 parking spaces available. The garage is open 24H/7 and there is a 30-day parking limit.


Lot J

Currently closed. Economy parking has relocated to Lot B at a rate of $12 per 24h or fraction thereof, with no minimum charge.


Lot M - InterIsland Terminal

Located adjacent to the Interisland Terminal. To enter, drivers may go to the ground floor or the second level airport access road.

The building has seven stories tall with more than 1,780 parking spaces. It is open 24h/day.


If the lot is full, drivers may go to the top level where a bridge to the International Parking Garage is located. A total of 1,800 spaces are available in the International garage.

The parking exit connects directly with the H-1 Freeway eastbound and westbound and Nimitz Highway.


Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking is free of charges but there’s a time limit: 72 hours (3 days). If do you need to exceed this 72 hours, please, call at 836-6434 to obtain prior permission to exceed the time limit.


There are four ground level locations:

- South of Baggage Claim - Area A

- International Parking, near the elevators

- Overseas Parking, East end

- Overseas Parking, West end


Motorcycle/Moped Parking

There are 5 different locations and 2 different parkings: Monthly and Daily parking.



- International Parking - Ground Level, in the center.

- Overseas Parking - East end of structure.

- Overseas Parking - West end of structure.

- Interisland Parking - 4th Level.

- Commuter Terminal - North end of the parking lot.

Check the charges at the airport.


Monthly Parking

Price/Month: $50.00. There are three different parking areas:

- International parking in the basement level, at the center of the garage.

- Overseas parking on the East and West corners on the ground level.

- Commuter Terminal on the North end of the parking lot.


Daily Parking

Available in the InterIsland Parking, in the Northeast corner on the 4th level.

Price (Hourly/Daily only parking rate):

- 2 hours - $1.00

- $5.00/day maximum via payment box.


Electric Vehicle Parking

At Honolulu airport there are parking spaces available in the International Arrivals at different locations: levels 1, 5, 6 7 and 8. To identify the spaces, there are marks and signs.


Charging station: It is located on Level 1 (of the International Arrivals Parking). It can provide service to two vehicles.

Price: $7.00 for 24 hours.


An electric vehicle on which an electric vehicle license plate is affixed is exempt from payment of parking fees.