Terminals information at Honolulu Airport - HNL

Honolulu airport (HNL) has a main building where there are three different terminals known as: Overseas Terminal, Interisland Terminal and Commuter Terminal.

The Overseas Terminal and the Interisland Terminal have three floors (the 3th one is for lounges) and the Commuter Terminal has just one floor (Ground Floor).


Overseas Terminal

It is the Main Terminal at Honolulu airport and it has various levels: Ground Level and Second Level. On the third level there are some airline’s lounges.


Ground Level

It has 5 Baggage Claim areas: D, E, F, G and H. The USO area is located between E - F baggage Claim Areas. The terminal manages the International Arrivals.

The terminal has the following lounges: Delta Sky Club, Alaska, Philippine, Korean, China, IASS and LEA LEA. The Conference Meeting room is located next to the lounges.


Outside the terminal there is the ground transportation area with the services off Speed Shuttle and various HNL Shuttle Stops.


In front of the Overseas Terminal there is the Car Rental center, the Parking Garage, the Lost & Found Department and the International Parking Garage.


Second Level

Overseas Terminal has 3 concourses with gates: 6-11, 12 and 13; 14-23, 24 and 25; and 26-34, 49-53.


In the Concourse with gates from 6 to 11, 12 and 13:

- There are various lounges: United / Air China, Air Canada, ANA, Asiana Airlines (3th level)

- Gates 12 and 13 are located in the main hall of the terminal building.


In the Concourse with gates from 14 to 23, 24 and 25:

- There are various lounges located in the Food Court: American, Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines (3th level)

- Gates 24 and are located in the main hall of the terminal building.


In the Concourse with gates from 26 to 34, and from 49 to 53:

- Next to the gate 26 there are the following lounges: Qantas, JetStar (3th floor)

- Gates from 49 to 53 are located apart of the other ones.

- There is a 3th Level Walkway at the terminal that connects with the Overseas Parking Garage.

- Outside of the Terminal there is available the City Bus service.



At Overseas Terminal operate the following airlines:

- Alaska Airlines

- Omni Intl.

- WestJet

- AirCanada

- US Airways

- American Airlines

- Allegian Airlines

- Delta Airlines

- United Airlines


Interisland Terminal


Ground Floor

It has the Baggage Claim areas B and C.

It connects directly with the Interisland Terminal Parking from level 3 to 7. And it’s just one steps far away from the International Parking Garage.

The Interisland Terminal and Commuter Terminal are linked by the Ground Floor through a walkway.


Second Level

It has gates from 54 to 61.

It has the Hawaiian Premier Club in front of gate 56 and a Hawaiian Lounge (3th floor).


From the Second Level of the Interisland Terminal there is an escalator that links with the Commuter Terminal.



At Interisland Terminal only operates Hawaiian Airlines.


Commuter Terminal

Is the smallest one with only one Baggage Claim Area (A). It links via a walkways with the Interisland Terminal.

In the ticketing Check-in Lobby there is a Lounge: Four Seasons.

In front of the Commuter Terminal there are two HNL Shuttle Stops.

Parking B is just in front of the terminal and behind the parking it’s located the Post Office.



The airlines that operate from the Commuter Terminal are Island Air and Mokulele.


Through all the three terminals there are various services provided, as restrooms, shops, restaurants and snacks, car rental desks.