Honolulu International Airport Terminal 2 (Overseas Terminal)

Honolulu Airport Terminal 2 is the Main Terminal at Honolulu Airport and the only which handles international flights (also some US domestic destinations). It is located on the right side of the airport access road.


It used to be called Overseas Terminal, referring to the fact that is the only one that operates overseas flights.


Please, bear in mind that boarding gates are shared by all airlines – that means there isn’t gate assignment.



Inter-terminal transportation

Passengers can transfer between terminals by the free inter-terminal buses between the ticket counters and Terminal 1, Terminal 2 concourses and Terminal 3. The buses are known as Wiki Wiki buses.



- Terminal 1: Third level (to C and G Gates)

- Terminal 2: C and G Gates to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

- Terminal 3: Outside Arrivals


Opening hours: Daily, from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm.

There is also a shuttle bus which transport passengers between concourses.

Opening hours: From 06:00 am to 10:00 pm. Location: Upper level roadway, between Diamond Head and Ewa Concourses.


The shuttle also connects Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at the ground level of the public roadway.




Honolulu Airport Terminal 2 is composed by the following levels:


  • Ground level: This level manages the International Arrivals. It has 5 Baggage Claim areas: D, E, F, G and H.

In each baggage claim areas there are these services: ATMs, information counters, rental car counters, baggage carts, baggage belt, public phones.

Outside the terminal there is the ground transportation area with the services off Speed Shuttle, various HNL Shuttle Stops and taxi.

In front of the Overseas Terminal there is the Car Rental center, the Parking Garage, the Lost & Found Department and the International Parking Garage.

Access to the Garden Court is granted from this level.  


  • Second level: Departures. The Central Lobby is located in this level, housing the ticketing and check-in counters.

Overseas Terminal has 3 concourses with gates: 6-11, 12 and 13; 14-23, 24 and 25; and 26-34, 49-53.


  • Third level: Food court and airline lounges.




Honolulu Airport Terminal 2 has three concourses: Central Concourse, Diamond Head and Ewa Concourse.



Transfer between concourses

Ewa Concourse is connected directly to International Arrivals.


See below further information about each Concourse:


  • Central Concourse: It is home of boarding gates E1-E10.
  • Diamond Head Concourse: Contains boarding gates G1-G6.
  • Ewa Concourse: Boarding gates C1-C9


On the other hand, boarding gates F1-F2 and D1-D2 are located on the main terminal building.




See Airlines in Honolulu Airport Terminal 2




See the services at Terminal 2 of Honolulu Airport:


  • Garden Conference Rooms
  • Medical Station
  • ATMs
  • Information counters
  • Rental car counters
  • Public phones
  • Lost & found


See more Services here.



Airport lounges

Honolulu Airport Terminal 2 counts with the following lounges:

  • Air Canada: Location: Above Gate G3 (United Club)
  • Air New Zealand: Location: Above Gate G3 (United Club)
  • ANA – Air Japan: Location: Above Gate G3 (United Club)
  • American Airlines: Location: Third level (Garden Court)
  • Dynasty Lounge (China): Location: Garden Court Area
  • Delta Sky Club: Location: Across Gate F1
  • Korean Air Lounge: Location: Garden Court Area
  • IASS UC Member Lounge: Location: Garden Court Area
  • LeaLea Lounge: Location: Garden Court Area
  • Sakura Lounge (Japan): Location: Third level
  • Qantas Club: Above Gate C1
  • United Club: Above Gate G3
  • USO Hawaii Lounge: Location: Level 1, between E and F baggage claims. Exclusively for military use and free of charge for members of US military and their families. Services: Wi-Fi, TV, food, drink and press.